Dextro enables you to easily analyze the contents of your video datasets and livestreams.

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Check out Dextro's Stream product, analyzing public live streams on Periscope.

Dextro lets you query a collection of photos or videos and get back plain JSON.

Dextro's API makes it extremely easy and intuitive for developers to search, filter, and gather actionable statistics over photo and video datasets — without knowing any computer vision or machine learning.

Our goal is to be the most capable and generalizable platform for visual data analysis.

Our objective is not to tag photos and videos with all tags possible; instead, we help you answer questions on your data when you already have a goal in mind. For example:

  • how many more people took Instagram photos of my brand after our campaign?
  • which videos on my publisher video server are automotive?
  • which times of the day did people show up in my security camera feed?
  • is my robot looking at a wall or a door?

Dextro gets smarter over time.

Every time Dextro is used, our system becomes a little bit more accurate and comprehensive. Together with our developers, we are building a shared, comprehensive knowledge vault of what things look like in the real world.

We're interested to see what you plan to do with the system!

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